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Year Roundup: TR Pakistan’s Top Five Stories in 2017

by TR Pakistan

As we bid farewell to 2017, MIT Technology Review Pakistan looks back at some of its most popular stories in the year. These stories cover a diverse range of topics, from e-commerce and cryptocurrencies to medical research.

  • Lunda goes online in Pakistan: Who would have thought that TR Pakistan’s top read story in 2017 would be on the trade of used clothes? Well, it’s true. With the highest number of views on our website, this story on the online store was the most popular among our readers.
  • Study finds 1,317 knocked out genes in sample from Pakistan: The second most read story on TR Pakistan website is this article on a research that discovered 1,317 disabled genes in a sample from Pakistan during a study on risk of coronary heart disease. Mahrukh Sarwar, the author, secured an excellence in journalism award at Agahi Awards for the report.
  • Can Cryptocurrency work in Pakistan? We have recently seen an unprecedented hike in the value of Bitcoin, the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency, which has sparked a global debate on the sustainability of such a currency in the long term. As the world debated Bitcoin, we attempted to answer an important question: can this digital currency work in Pakistan? Apparently, many of our readers shared the concern, making this article the third most popular piece on our website in 2017.
  • Mapping Higher Education in Pakistan: Are there enough opportunities for researchers and scientists in Pakistan to make a difference? Khalid Khattak answered this question in the fourth most popular article on TR Pakistan in 2017.
  • Pakistani researchers develop calligraphy-based Urdu font on the internet: Leading font experts have been trying to come up with an easy solution for Nastaliq style writing for years but were unsuccessful because they needed to come up with a system that could incorporate thousands of ligatures to provide good calligraphic shapes. After a father-son duo developed a beautiful calligraphy-based Urdu font, they joined hands with a researcher at the Information Technology University to develop and market the font whose story has been covered in the fifth most read report on TR Pakistan website in 2017.

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