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XGear: The Next Generation Connected-Car Platform

by Nushmiya Sukhera

Imagine you are driving past an idyllic countryside. The sun is shining bright and it’s a beautiful day. You’re enjoying your music, when something goes terribly wrong and your car jerks to a complete stop. You’re now stranded in the middle of nowhere with no idea about what’s happened to your car. Sounds familiar?  Car breakdowns are commonplace. And now, they are also avoidable. Thanks to a simple smart device known as XGear.

Built by a Pakistani startup, XGear empowers drivers with vital information regarding their vehicle through a device that is plugged inside the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port of any car. It keeps a record of the car’s diagnostics and driving activity including fuel consumption, service requirements, feedback on the driving style of the driver, and trip logs that can be viewed on a smartphone using the XGear dashboard. Their website mentions that the device uses a cellular network to keep connected to the internet at all times, even when the car is parked.

According to their website, the XGear cloud securely saves millions of data points from the vehicle and driving activity, and provides alerts, analysis and reports to give the consumer full control over their vehicle. The device will also keep a track of the driver’s speed data which aims at improving driving habits. Also, it provides complete GPS location tracking, including route optimization, real-time vehicle tracking and trip replays.

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The XGear Smart Device

Kamran Shahid Butt and Muhammad Ahmed Khalid, the co-founders worked on the idea of XGear as a final project while pursuing their undergraduate degree at Comsats in 2006 but turned it into a professional goal after having a personal experience that required them to analyze their own car data. XGear was incubated and accelerated at Plan9 and PlanX respectively. Currently, XGear is working with multinationals such as Nestle and Pepsi, and have started operating internationally in many countries including Australia, Germany, Holland, Poland and France.

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