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WhatsApp Video Calling Goes Live in Pakistan

by TR Pakistan

WhatsApp Video Calling is finally available for use in Pakistan. Users just need to update their app for the feature to appear on their Android, iOS or Windows phones.

To video call, users have to  press the call button on the top right hand side of the screen to bring up an option for voice or video call. Simply press the video call icon to start chatting face to face with your friends. Group video calling is still not available in Pakistan yet.

The application offers users some flexibility by enabling them to switch between the forward and rear facing camera or mute the call while showing video. They can also choose whether they want the incoming video call to be the main image on the screen of the phone or your own video. The smaller video screen can be moved anywhere on the screen of the phone.

The most useful feature is that Whatsapp video call allows users to minimize the video screen in order to send messages on other chats. WhatsApp also automatically adjusts the quality of the video based on the internet connection so that the video call is not dropped.

The only disadvantage for WhatsApp users is that they can’t tell how much data has been used under video calling since only the combined data usage is mentioned under the WhatsApp tab. However, data usage under video calling might not be a big concern for most due to the relatively low cost of data in Pakistan.

Just like WhatsApp chats, the video calling feature also offers end-to-end encryption though it remains to be seen how secure it really is. Overall, the app offers convenience and flexibility all in one package.

WhatsApp audio and video will be taken as serious competition to not only Skype and Facetime in Pakistan but also traditional phone calls as well.


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