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Unilever Foundry Collaborates With Pakistan’s Startup Ecosystem

by Nushmiya Sukhera

The Unilever Foundry Network has reached out to Pakistan’s leading startup accelerators, incubators and academia to transform company’s growth model by incorporating sustainable living. The Foundry is the entry point for tech innovative companies to be able to work with the global giant.

Through this global initiative, innovators will be given an opportunity to partner with one of the world’s most successful consumer goods companies. Under this initiative Unilever seeks to work with, mentor and support budding entrepreneurs in order to facilitate and promote the startup ecosystem in Pakistan.

Naved Hashmi, Corporate Finance Director at Unilever Pakistan says, “The unilever foundry network aims to provide a launchpad for startups of the future and consequently contribute to establishing an entrepreneurship culture in Pakistan.”

The Foundry has reached out Lahore University Management of Sciences (LUMS), PlanX, Invest2Innovate, P@sha’s Tech Incubator, 10XC, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Karachi University, Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Sciences.

PlanX along with Invest2Innovate, Karachi University, Nust, GIK and IBA, 10xC, and the NED University of Engineering and Sciences have already announced their partnership.

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All partners have been given a set of 20 challenges that are related to Unilever brands and sustainable living. Startups that provide the best solutions to the problems will be a given a shot at a commercial relationship with Unilever, a chance to work with and be guided by the company’s mentors, and a potential for global scalability for the chosen startups.

“Unilever Foundry is an exciting and progressive initiative which ensures that startups apply their expertise and acumen in bringing onboard highly compatible solutions,” says Hafsa Shorish, Director PlanX | MITEFP. “We hope to give our startups access to enterprise level problems so they can benefit and learn from this process.”

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