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Two Wind Power Plants to Become Operational in Sindh by End of Year

by TR Pakistan

Two wind power plants containing 33 wind turbines each are set to be installed in Sindh by the end of the year. The power plants will have the capacity to produce 99 megawatts (MW) electricity altogether and will be capable of providing energy to approximately 120,000 households in the country.

According to the APP, the two power plants are among the 21 energy cooperation projects to be completed under the early harvest programme of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a flagship project of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative of Chinese President, Xi Jinping.

The two wind power plants will be constructed in the Jhimpir area of the Thatta district by China Three Gorges Corporation (CGT), one of the world’s largest energy companies. China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Limited, a subsidiary of the CTG’s international arm, will be investing US$ 224 million in the two power plants which are going to be completed in the next 18 months, says Wu Di, head of the administration project.

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The second and third phases of the wind power plants are likely to create employment opportunities for around 1,200 locals during the construction time, says Wu Di.

China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Limited has previously built the Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan which is located 90 km east of the southern port city of Karachi and produces 146.26 million KWh of electricity.

Pakistan has huge potential for wind energy production due to its 1,046 kilometer long coastal line that has abundant wind resources with an average wind speed of 7.4 meters/second.


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