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Two Pakistani Startups Make it to the Top 15 at Startup Istanbul

by Mahrukh Sarwar

Two Pakistani companies, Treble and, made it to the top 15 startups that were showcased at the recently concluded Startup Istanbul festival, held in the Turkish capital.

The startups had to go through two screening stages before making it to the top 15. First, 50 were chosen from the total pool of 500. These startups were able to pitch their ideas to an audience of more than 500 investors. Then, 15 were further shortlisted, who were given the opportunity to present their ideas on the main stage of the conference in front of an audience of more than 1500 people.

The conference enabled the Pakistani startups to get access to international investors that could help them fundraise for their business. The startups were also able to get input from leading incubators in the world like 500 Startups and Y Combinator.

“If you have a global product, it is really hard to find the right channels and guidance. In Istanbul, we found both. Mentors here knew the market, understood the product and had great insights for us,” says Muhammad Saad, founder of Treble. “It is a rare chance to have one-on-one conversations with such fantastic people who have helped built great companies. They knew exactly what steps we [Treble] have to take and what mistakes we have to avoid. They’ve seen a lot of companies come and go so their understanding of what works and what doesn’t is phenomenal.”

Startup Istanbul is a leading startup conference in Eurasia which took place at the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul, Turkey from 6-10 October, 2016. The conference brought together internet companies, angel investors, venture capitalists and other leading startups from 53 countries in the world.

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The startup Treble has made a music streaming app that also enables users to share experiences through crowd-sourced music videos. The startup was incubated at the LUMS Center of Entrepreneurship and it was the youngest startup selected amongst the top 15 at the conference.

The other Pakistani startup, promises to be the go-to platform for all your healthcare needs. The startup helps patients make informed decisions and connects them seamlessly with the right doctors. The website enables you to search for doctors by specialty, review their profiles, book appointments instantly and get reminders for your appointment. You can also give feedback on the doctors or hospitals that you have visited, and discover hospitals and clinics near you filtered across facilities, services and location.

The other top 15 teams included startups from Jordan, Turkey, Indonesia, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Armenia.


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