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Telenor recognized for protecting children’s digital rights

Telenor has collaborated with UNICEF and government agencies in Pakistan to improve the status of children’s digital education and birth registration rates
by TR Pakistan

Stockholm based non-profit organization The Global Child Forum has cited Telenor in its Corporate Responses to Protecting Children’s Rights report as a best practice example for its work in children’s online safety and transparent reporting on child labour in the Telenor supply chain.

The company’s work in Pakistan and Myanmar, where the group collaborates with UNICEF and government agencies to improve birth registration rates, has been highlighted in the report.

“I’m really pleased to see Telenor cited as a best practice example in the Global Child Forum report. Especially encouraging is the focus on our work with child online safety and digital birth registration – where we have educated 2,200,000 children to date globally and have digitally registered 580,000 births in Pakistan – as well as our ongoing transparent reporting of child labour in the supply chain,” said Mai Oldgard, SVP and Head of Telenor Group Sustainability, in a statement.

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“Huge credit goes to my colleagues across the group, from Norway to Myanmar, having worked long-term in these areas and doing so with integrity and passion,” she added.

Increased birth registration and legal documentation can curtail a number of crimes against children, including child labor and child trafficking.Telenor’s regular supplier assessments and audits to identify child labour risks have also received attention in the report.

Telenor Pakistan launched its Digital Birth Registration project in collaboration with UNICEF in 2016. Since then, 580,000 births in Pakistan have been registered under the project.

The Scandinavian telecom group has also taken measures to improve children’s digital safety and educating minors on online safety through its school outreach program, iChamp. The program was launched in 2014 with the aim of educating underprivileged children on basic internet usage. The program has been able to reach 1,800 schools across the country since then. 600,000 children have also been trained on using mobile technology under the iChamp program.

Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO of Telenor Pakistan said, “This is a truly proud moment as our efforts towards educating and protecting children in an increasingly digital society have been recognized by Global Child Forum. This adds to our passion of providing a safer online space to our younger generations and also by providing the basic right to identity. We have been sensitive about everyday challenges faced by the Pakistani masses and as part of our mission of empowering societies, have always worked to find solutions in technology.”