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TechKaro to Begin Eight-Month Digital Skills Training

Besides computer skills including web development and coding, students will also be given lessons in life skills
by TR Pakistan

TechKaro, an initiative of CIRCLE Pakistan, will provide digital and life skills training to selected women and men from underserved communities in Karachi, says a press release.

The eight-month long course has been designed to enable underserved women and men with basic computer skills including web development and coding. The life skills component of the course will feature sessions on discipline, problem solving, financial planning, as well as lessons on self awareness, positive attitude, and working in stressful situations.

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The statement said that the purpose of the course was to equip students with employable skills. It said that since most technical training programs were characterised by dropout rates of up to 60 percent, an extensive screening process had been evolved to select only those most competent and committed to the training. “Councilors will be arranged to help build resilience of students. Family orientation days will be held to encourage family and social support for participants,” it said, adding that the course also included self-defense classes to boost confidence and perseverance of participants.

The statement said that selected graduates will be provided with support to find internships, freelance work, and funding for projects. “Experts from top IT firms such as Google, IBM and Systems Inc. will mentor the cohort during the course,” it said, “The end goal is to not only impart technical skills but also life skills that will prepare the cohort to seek decent livelihood opportunities. The forthcoming training focuses on innovation and quality of learning. Once this has been ensured, the initiative will be taken to the next stage and the training program will be scaled up,” it said.


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