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His LED materials are cheaper and easier on the environment than ones now in use

His LED materials are cheaper and easier on the environment than ones now in use

Dawei Di 34 Zhejiang University & University of Cambridge Country of birth: China Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used in a plethora of products ranging from smartphone and TV screens to traffic lights, but they’re expensive to make. In addition, the sweet spot …Continue reading

Yin Qi

Yin Qi, 30 Megvii Seven years ago, Yin Qi founded a company called Megvii with two college friends in Beijing. Now people from over 220 countries and regions use Megvii’s face-recognition platform, Face++. The company has more than 1,500 employees. Face++ has …Continue reading

Ashutosh Saxena

Ashutosh Saxena, 34 Brain of Things Ashutosh Saxena is the CEO and cofounder of Brain of Things, which devel­oped an AI system called Caspar that turns a home into a sort of robot that we can talk to and interact with. By …Continue reading

Humsa Venkatesh

Humsa Venkatesh’s research revealed how cancers hijack the activity of neural networks to fuel their own growth. Her discovery sparked a novel area of research targeting a type of activity seen in many different types of cancer. “These neuronal systems are signaling …Continue reading

Huanping Zhou

Huanping Zhou, 34 Peking University The solar energy industry has lacked a low-cost, high-performance alternative to silicon for a long time. In recent years, a family of hybrid materials called perovskites has gained attention because they can achieve high power output more …Continue reading

China’s Future City

Strolling along sidewalks shaded by plane trees, one might take Tianjin Eco-City for just another of the many residential areas sprouting up all over China. But on closer inspection, this place is different. The roadside trash cans are covered with solar photovoltaic …Continue reading