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AI Begins to Understand the 3-D World

There’s been some stunning progress in artificial intelligence of late, but it’s been surprisingly flat. Now AI researchers are moving beyond two-dimensional images and pixels. Instead they’re building systems capable of picturing the three-dimensional world and taking action. The work could have …Continue reading

A Modular Exoskeleton Will Make More Workers Bionic

As robotic technology gets cheaper and more capable, even human workers are starting to seem a bit robotic. SuitX, a spin-off of the University of California, Berkeley, that makes exoskeletons for those with disabilities, has launched a trio of devices that use …Continue reading

What to Know Before You Get In a Self-driving Car

Outside a large warehouse in Pittsburgh, in an area along the Allegheny River that was once home to dozens of factories and foundries but now has shops and restaurants, I’m waiting for a different kind of technological revolution to arrive. I check …Continue reading

China’s Driverless Trucks Are Revving Their Engines

China is gearing up to overhaul its road delivery with fleets of self-driving long-haul trucks. A number of companies are developing automation technologies that promise to lower costs, reduce accidents, and improve overall efficiency for the trucking industry by allowing drivers to …Continue reading

U.S. Wants Makers of Driverless Cars to Prove They Are Safe

The U.S. government has issued its first rules for automated vehicles. They include a 15-point set of “safety assessment” guidelines for self-driving systems. These cover issues such as cybersecurity, black-box recordings to aid crash investigations, and potential ethical conundrums on the road. …Continue reading

GM CEO: Car Hacking Will Become a Public Safety Issue

The auto industry may need to team up to prevent spyware, phishing, and ransomware from infecting your ride. Automobiles are starting to resemble robotic smartphones on wheels. Unfortunately, that makes them a pretty juicy target for would-be hackers. So far there have …Continue reading