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Protected regions now cover an area five times the size of the United States

Protected regions now cover an area five times the size of the United States

A surge in the creation of marine and terrestrial nature reserves has brought humankind closer to its goal of creating protected nature refuges on 17 percent of the world’s land and 10 percent of oceans by 2020, according to the UN’s Protected …Continue reading

Working to ensure integrity of important elections this year, says Facebook CEO

During the first of his two Congressional hearings on data privacy and disinformation concerns regarding the popular social media platform, Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg assured United States Senators that he is working with his team to ensure the integrity of …Continue reading

US scientists develop technique to make wood as strong as steel

Scientists at University of Maryland in the United States have developed a new technique that makes wood as strong as steel or even titanium alloys. This ‘Super Wood’ can have potential applications in construction, automobiles, and aviation industries. “This new way to …Continue reading

Study Finds 1,317 Knocked-out Genes in DNA Sample From Pakistan

The team discovers a unique family whose 11 members were missing a protein that naturally produces cholesterol; this puts them at a lower risk of heart disease. Research published in the journal Nature has analyzed the DNA of 10,503 Pakistanis who were …Continue reading

American Startup Expert Discusses Pakistani Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Pakistan’s startup ecosystem is evolving. Everyday new ventures emerge, creating niches or fulfilling unmet demands. However, the field remains relatively new and can benefit from people who have been dabbling in the art for some time now. Recently, Mr. Kevin Koym was …Continue reading