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Typhoid outbreak in Sindh caused by drug resistant strain

Typhoid outbreak in Sindh caused by drug resistant strain

An outbreak of typhoid fever in Hyderabad and its adjoining areas in Sindh has been linked to an extensively drug resistant ‘superbug’ strain, says a study published this week. The study, based on research by a team of scientists from Britain’s Wellcome …Continue reading

Country-wide nutrition survey to be undertaken this year

A country-wide survey to collect information on the nutritional status of women and children, food security, and household water quality is set to begin under a joint collaboration between the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination; the Aga Khan University …Continue reading

Team led by Rutgers scientist finds more effective asthma treatment

American and Chinese scientists have found a new treatment that can lead to more effective drug therapy for asthma patients. After examining more than 6,000 compounds, Luis Ulloa, an immunologist at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and his collaborator from China’s Shanghai …Continue reading

Old Industry, New Fixes

At first glance, the healthcare sector in Pakistan appears so bureaucratic and inflexible, it may seem immune to disruption by innovators. However, a new generation of technology researchers is trying to change that. Their products range from ventilators to complex simulators. Their …Continue reading

Pakistani startup’s environment friendly housing design recognised by UN program

A team of Pakistani entrepreneurs has won a Special Commendation Award from the United Nation’s Global CleanTech Innovation Program (UNIDO-GCIP). ModulusTech, led by Nabeel Siddiqui, were recognized for an innovative housing design at a ceremony held in Los Angeles last week. The …Continue reading

Nurturing Genius at Home

The Niazis are the ideal nuclear family. Ahmad Niazi is a pilot flying for the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Aisha Niazi, his wife, is a former speech therapist and a stay-at-home mom. They have two teenagers, Khadija and Shaheer, who are twins. …Continue reading

Rare Celestial Event Set to Begin as Lunar Eclipse Coincides With Super Moon

A rare celestial event last reported in 1866 is occuring today. Called Super Blue Blood Moon, the event features a full lunar eclipse that coincides with the Moon passing the point in its orbit that is closest to Earth. A super moon …Continue reading