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Why Autocorrect for Passwords Is a Great Idea

Most of us have, at one time or another, had to reenter a password because we mistyped it. Perhaps you have even been locked out of an account after too many typos. New research shows those frustrations could be avoided using the …Continue reading

This Robotic Box Is Home to a Drone

Drones that can fly and steer themselves show promise for tasks such as carrying urgent medical supplies or making farming more efficient. But to be truly independent, they also need to launch, land, and take care of themselves on the ground without …Continue reading

Intel Tries to Rearchitect the Computer—and Itself

The world’s biggest chip maker says it’s time to start building computers differently—and it wants to sell the new hardware technologies needed to do it. In San Francisco last week Intel executives showed off two new technologies for storing data and moving …Continue reading