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Chinese Electric Car Leaves Global Competitors in the Dust

Chinese Electric Car Leaves Global Competitors in the Dust

China’s electric vehicle startup Nio has launched its first mass-produced vehicle, leaving major foreign automakers such as Tesla scrambling to keep up. The ES8, priced 448,000 Chinese yuan ($67,765), was launched over the weekend. It is half the price of Tesla’s Model …Continue reading

Politically Charged: Do You Know Where Your Batteries Come From?

People are excited about batteries, from electric cars to Tesla’s 129 megawatt-hour energy storage project  in South Australia. But one important issue is often overlooked: the raw materials needed to build this technology – where they come from and their environmental cost. New …Continue reading

Drivers Push Tesla’s Autopilot Beyond Its Abilities

Enthusiastic Tesla owners cheered last Wednesday when the company enabled the use of an automated driving system, called Autopilot, in its Model S all-electric sedans. The wireless update of vehicles to Version 7.0 of Tesla software—which allows properly equipped cars to steer, …Continue reading