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Law and Technology Combine to Catch Habitual Criminal

Law and Technology Combine to Catch Habitual Criminal

With at least 30 First Information Reports (FIRs) registered against him, Muhammad Imran is a habitual criminal. Most of the FIRs are for dacoity, and the oldest one dates back to 2005. In 2016 alone, 9 cases have been registered against the …Continue reading

Diversifying the Energy Basket

Clean technology and renewable energy is gaining momentum worldwide because of the increasing pressure on the limited nonrenewable resources for power, such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. Cleantech is a broad term that encompasses products and services that aim at pollution …Continue reading

Careful Incubation and Encouragement Must for Startups

A chat with leading IT expert Sajjad Kirmani. CEO and Founder of Infogistic, Sajjad Kirmani has had 30 years of experience in Pakistan and the Middle East when it comes to the tech industry. MITTRPK had the chance to catch up with …Continue reading

The Debate on Cybercrimes Law

A study of the proposed law and the way forward. By Verda Munir The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) apprehends one Fahad Bari. He is accused of harassing women on Facebook. The raiding team finds objectionable content on his computer and confiscates it …Continue reading