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Teaching Drones How To Crash Safely

A husband and wife team believe they have the solution to one of the biggest hurdles to drone package delivery. Most unmanned aerial vehicles aren’t unmanned at all. By law in the U.S., a dedicated pilot must maintain a line of sight …Continue reading

The Tiny Robots Revolutionizing Eye Surgery

Last September, Robert MacLaren, an ophthalmologist and professor at Oxford University, plunged a tiny robotic arm into William Beaver’s eye. A membrane had recently contracted on the 70-year-old priest’s retina, pinching it into an uneven shape and causing him to see the …Continue reading

A Smarter Kind of Crash Test Dummy

Researchers combine real vehicle, scene, and medical data to simulate car crashes on a supercomputer. One person dies in a road traffic accident every 25 seconds, according to estimates from the World Health Organization. Crash test dummies with accelerometers, force sensors, and …Continue reading

The Quest to Make Your Shoe a Power Source

Children have been harnessing energy from their steps ever since 1992, when L.A. Gear introduced sneakers that light up. For most adults, however, the ambient energy created by the simple act of walking is forever lost. Considering that the average person takes …Continue reading