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Nanoscale tweezers make single-molecule biopsies possible

Nanoscale tweezers make single-molecule biopsies possible

Researchers at Imperial College London (ICL) have developed nanoscale tweezers, a new technology that allows them to extract single molecules from living cells without destroying them. It is expected that their research could allow them to build up a ‘human cell atlas’, …Continue reading

Scientists are developing nanoparticle vaccine effective against influenza virus

American and Chinese scientists have developed a new double layered nanoparticle vaccine which shows strong potential for combating influenza viruses. These findings were recently published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, from a research which was a collaborative …Continue reading

12 new moons of Jupiter discovered

Astronomers have discovered twelve new moons orbiting Jupiter —11 “normal” outer moons, and one that they’re calling an “oddball.”  This brings Jupiter’s total number of known moons to 79 which is the most of any planet in our Solar System. A team …Continue reading

Scientists unearth the world’s oldest color – and it is bright pink

Scientists from the Australian National University (ANU) and overseas have discovered 1.1 billion-year-old bright pink pigments extracted from rocks deep beneath the Sahara desert in Africa. These are reportedly the oldest colours found in the geological record. A study published on July …Continue reading

Pakistani-origin physician gets $4m for cutting-edge research on heart transplantation

Pakistani-origin physician-scientist Dr. Faisal H. Cheema and his colleague Dr. Jeffrey A. Morgan at the Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Heart Institute in Houston have received $4 million in funding to lead cutting-edge research on heart transplantation. The scientists will use …Continue reading

The Seven Most Extreme Planets Ever Discovered

Scientists recently discovered the hottest planet ever found – with a surface temperature greater than some stars. As the hunt for planets outside our own solar system continues, we have discovered many other worlds with extreme features. And the ongoing exploration of our own …Continue reading