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Google’s AI Acquisition Could Be the Next Breakthrough Innovation

Google’s AI Acquisition Could Be the Next Breakthrough Innovation

Google has done some pretty spectacular things. They’ve gone from being the world’s best search engine to a standing powerhouse of innovation in tech. The list of homegrown products spans across Gmail, the Android OS, the Pixel smartphone and Google Glass, to …Continue reading

Applying Formal Methods to Ensure Accurate and Reliable Engineering Systems

These days hardware and software systems are progressively being used in safety-critical domains, such as automated transportation networks and electronic military and medicine equipment. This makes the accuracy of their analysis of vital importance since an uncaught system bug can endanger human …Continue reading

Social Impact Projects Main Highlight of 5th Robotics Expo

Technology is being used globally to create products that lead to positive social impacts. From 3D printing orthotics for children to solar-run portable incubators for premature babies, the impact is limitless. The same idea was taken forward at the 5th Robotics Exhibition …Continue reading

China Wants to Replace Millions of Workers with Robots

The government’s plan will be crucial to a broader effort to reform China’s economy while also meeting the ambitious production goals laid out in its latest economic blueprint, which aims to double per capita income by 2020 from 2016 levels with at …Continue reading