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Researchers find statins could reduce production of ‘good fat’

Researchers find statins could reduce production of ‘good fat’

An international team of researchers has found that the statin class of pharmaceuticals — which are prescribed to reduce the risk of heart attack —  also reduce the formation of brown adipose fatty tissue. Unlike white adipose tissue, brown adipose tissue helps …Continue reading

11 Million Pakistanis at Risk of Flooding by 2040: Report

Unless governments urgently boost their flood defenses, millions of people across the world will be at risk from river flooding in the next 20 years, scientists said on Wednesday. As global warming increases, likelihood of severe rainfall would also rise, says a …Continue reading

12 Years After the October Earthquake, Is Pakistan Prepared to Handle Another ‘Big One’?

Pakistan sits on top of three tectonic plates that are very slowly colliding into one another. The eastern half of the country lies on the edge of the Indian plate while the western half lies on the Eurasian plate. The southwestern part (at …Continue reading