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Stalled in the U.S., Solar Thermal Power Finds a New Market in China

Stalled in the U.S., Solar Thermal Power Finds a New Market in China

Seeing its prospects falter in the United States, solar thermal project developer SolarReserve is teaming up with the world’s largest coal provider to find better prospects for the technology in China. The company’s deal with Shenhua Group, which calls for 1,000 megawatts …Continue reading

The Race to Save Coral Reefs

Battered by rising ocean temperatures and this year’s powerful El Niño, many of the world’s coral reefs are slowly dying. Scientists have found that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is experiencing the worst coral bleaching event they’ve ever seen (bleaching happens when warm …Continue reading

Foxconn Wants to Become a Global Force in Clean Energy

The primary reason for Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn’s acquisition of Sharp, the struggling electronics giant, is the iPhone supplier’s desire to begin producing high-end smartphone screens, in particular the organic light-emitting diodes that will be used by the next generation of Apple devices. …Continue reading

One of the World’s Largest Solar Facilities Is in Trouble

One of the most ambitious solar energy projects on the planet is in trouble. The $2.2 billion Ivanpah concentrated solar power facility in California has fallen well short of its expected power output and now has a year to get itself back …Continue reading