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Better Lithium Batteries to Get a Test Flight

Scientists have known for decades that lithium-metal batteries offer a powerful combination of energy density and compactness. Unfortunately these batteries also present challenges: they are difficult to recharge and they have an unfortunate tendency to burst into flame. Massachusetts-based startup SolidEnergy Systems, …Continue reading

Brexit Brings Chaos to Europe’s Clean-Energy Goals

U.K. voters’ decision to exit the European Union sent shock waves through world markets today, including the energy sector. The consensus from policymakers, clean-energy advocates, and analysts was that while “Brexit” will not completely derail the EU’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions …Continue reading

Wind and Solar Will Be the Cheapest Way to Generate Power by 2040

Although the prices of coal and gas will continue to scrape bottom over the next couple of decades, the cheapest form of power generation will soon be renewable energy. That’s the conclusion of the New Energy Outlook 2016 from Bloomberg New Energy …Continue reading