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Scientists grow brains in petri dishes

Scientists grow brains in petri dishes

Historically, scientists have had a hard time studying early brain development because of how difficult it is to obtain fetal-tissue samples or examine the fetus in utero. However, this may soon change as scientists have grown ‘mini brains’ in dishes that have …Continue reading

Israeli researchers transform human waste into household fuel

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University (BGU) in Israel have come up with a process of using hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) to convert human waste into hydrochar: a safe, reusable biomass fuel resembling charcoal. Their research was published in the Journal of Cleaner Production …Continue reading

Pakistani Researchers Develop a Calligraphy-Based Urdu Font for the Internet

Native speakers of the Urdu language instinctively know that the language is read from right to left but the numerical values mentioned within an Urdu sentence are read from left to right. To the untrained eye, however, the Urdu language has a …Continue reading

No Longer Lost for Words: How Researchers Rediscovered the Mother of All Mother Tongues

Researchers have developed a method that uses sound waves to rediscover the long-lost Proto-Indo-European language, from which most modern languages evolved. No matter whether you speak English or Urdu, Waloon or Waziri, Portuguese or Persian, the roots of your language are the …Continue reading