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My Life, Logged

always knew I was short, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized exactly how short. That’s because I’ve been trying a couple of life-logging devices—gadgets that clip to my shirt or hang around my neck, automatically taking photos of the world …Continue reading

Control Your Smartphone with Your Eyes

Researchers are making mobile software that could let you rely on eye movements to play games (or do other things). In an effort to make eye tracking cheap, compact, and accurate enough to be included in smartphones, a group of researchers is …Continue reading

Why Oculus and HTC Need to Watch Out for Sony in VR

Sony announced earlier this week at the E3 gaming trade show in Los Angeles that its forthcoming virtual-reality headset, PlayStation VR, will come out on October 13. At $399 (or, more realistically, $500 for a bundle that includes a pair of motion-tracking …Continue reading

Google’s Android Is Mega Popular, but It’s Got a Big Problem

Since it was first rolled out on a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard-wielding smartphone back in 2008, Google’s Android operating system has grown into the most widely used mobile OS. Today, it runs on well over a billion phones made by a variety of …Continue reading