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11 Million Pakistanis at Risk of Flooding by 2040: Report

11 Million Pakistanis at Risk of Flooding by 2040: Report

Unless governments urgently boost their flood defenses, millions of people across the world will be at risk from river flooding in the next 20 years, scientists said on Wednesday. As global warming increases, likelihood of severe rainfall would also rise, says a …Continue reading

Tele-Health Startup Selected for Funding by DFID

Sehat Kahani, a Pakistani tele-health platform which connects unemployed female doctors with low-income patients, has been selected for seed funding by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) and design support from According to a press release, Sehat Kahani was …Continue reading

Pakistani Startup’s Energy-Efficient Housing Design Awarded by UN

Pakistani innovators in the field of clean technology recognised by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) this year include a startup that has developed an innovative design for low-cost, energy-efficient housing. The startup, named Modulus Tech, uses clean technologies and promises …Continue reading

Combating Pregnancy Disorders Through Low-Cost Tech Interventions

“There is no word for pre-eclampsia in prominent regional languages like Sindhi. Unlike other childbirth complications, signs of pre-eclampsia cannot be identified easily which limits the chances of early detection and leaves many pregnant women vulnerable to its dangerous complications,” says Dr …Continue reading

Population of Indus River Dolphins Increasing, but Threats Still Remain: WWF

Successful community-based conservation initiatives have contributed to significant expansion of the endangered Indus River dolphin, says a survey published by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on Thursday. The report adds that these river dwellers, one of the world’s rarest mammals and …Continue reading

TR Pakistan Writer Bags Two Awards for Excellence in Journalism

A member of MIT Technology Review (TR) Pakistan editorial team secured two awards for excellence in journalism on Saturday. Staff writer Mahrukh Sarwar was recognised by AGAHI Awards last weekend for her work and was awarded the prize for excellence in innovative …Continue reading

Digital Sectors of Pakistani, Chinese Economies ‘to Continue Upward Trajectory’

The digital sectors of Pakistani and Chinese economies are set to see major growth in the coming years, suggest separate studies released recently. With China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) well underway, growth in digital sectors of both countries is set to strengthen efforts …Continue reading