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Pakistan has the worst infant mortality rate in the world: UNICEF report

Pakistan has the worst infant mortality rate in the world: UNICEF report

A baby born in Pakistan faces a one in 22 chance of death, putting the country with the worst newborn mortality rate, says a UNICEF report released on Tuesday. Babies born in the world’s poorest countries, most of them in Africa, still …Continue reading

Pakistani researchers get patents for nano-antibiotics

Antibiotics are not always as effective as expected in treating bacterial infections. Conventional drug therapy shows that a range of factors affect their performance. These include irregular distribution of the drug in the body, low permeability of tissues, elevated hydrophobicity of biologically …Continue reading

Old Industry, New Fixes

At first glance, the healthcare sector in Pakistan appears so bureaucratic and inflexible, it may seem immune to disruption by innovators. However, a new generation of technology researchers is trying to change that. Their products range from ventilators to complex simulators. Their …Continue reading

Pakistani startup’s environment friendly housing design recognised by UN program

A team of Pakistani entrepreneurs has won a Special Commendation Award from the United Nation’s Global CleanTech Innovation Program (UNIDO-GCIP). ModulusTech, led by Nabeel Siddiqui, were recognized for an innovative housing design at a ceremony held in Los Angeles last week. The …Continue reading

ITU’s Fintech Centre partners up with Gates Foundation for research on digital finance for women

Information Technology University (ITU) and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, represented by Karandaaz Pakistan, on Wednesday signed an agreement to initiate three research projects through the Fintech Centre at ITU. The research projects shall be conducted in Pakistan with technical collaboration between …Continue reading

TechKaro to Begin Eight-Month Digital Skills Training

TechKaro, an initiative of CIRCLE Pakistan, will provide digital and life skills training to selected women and men from underserved communities in Karachi, says a press release. The eight-month long course has been designed to enable underserved women and men with basic …Continue reading

Glacial Lake Formed by Khurdopin’s Surge Under Observation for Possible Outburst Flood in Summers

With Khurdopin glacier in its surge phase since last year, disaster management teams in the Gilgit-Baltistan region are monitoring a lake formed by the glacier’s blockage of Shimshal River for possible outburst floods in summer months. A study of Khurdopin glacier using …Continue reading

Beware of ATM Skimming

As many as 350 auto-teller machine (ATM) cards were seized on Sunday when Karachi police arrested four Chinese nationals suspected of ATM skimming fraud. Police say the men were suspected of installing skimmers on ATM machines. These are devices can read data …Continue reading