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How Carbon Dioxide from the Air Can Boost Batteries

There is little economic incentive to capture carbon dioxide from power-plant exhaust or suck it directly from the air, but researchers from George Washington University and Vanderbilt University have hit on a possible motivation: using the gas to make materials for high-performance …Continue reading

Startup Bets Its Magic Touch on Seeds Can Boost Crop Yields

Might the communities of microörganisms living in healthy plants hold the keys to dramatically increasing crop yields? A new venture-backed company is betting yes. Indigo, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup, is developing microbe-based crop treatments identified through the study of the beneficial bacteria …Continue reading

Unraveling the Mysterious Function of the Microbiome

What function does your microbiome play in your health? The answer is still a mystery, but emerging scientific evidence suggests it could have implications for treating many chronic diseases. A new class of microbiome drugs in development could eventually be effective against …Continue reading