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Cancer research and lasers win big at the 2018 Nobel Prize

Cancer research and lasers win big at the 2018 Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm has announced the winners of the 2018 prizes in the categories of Physics and Medicine. Three scientists working in the field of laser physics have been awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics. One half of …Continue reading

Pakistani-origin physician gets $4m for cutting-edge research on heart transplantation

Pakistani-origin physician-scientist Dr. Faisal H. Cheema and his colleague Dr. Jeffrey A. Morgan at the Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Heart Institute in Houston have received $4 million in funding to lead cutting-edge research on heart transplantation. The scientists will use …Continue reading

Team led by Rutgers scientist finds more effective asthma treatment

American and Chinese scientists have found a new treatment that can lead to more effective drug therapy for asthma patients. After examining more than 6,000 compounds, Luis Ulloa, an immunologist at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and his collaborator from China’s Shanghai …Continue reading

US geneticists win 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine for insights into our body clock

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been jointly awarded to US geneticists Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the internal circadian biological clock which governs the wake-sleep cycles of …Continue reading

The Miracle Drug for Pakistan’s Medicine Cabinet

An inexpensive, locally-manufactured drug can reduce the risk of maternal mortality. Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), a fatal bleed after childbirth, has been plaguing maternal health practitioners from time immemorial. It contributes significantly to maternal mortality in Pakistan (178 of 100,000 women die each …Continue reading