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US scientists develop technique to make wood as strong as steel

US scientists develop technique to make wood as strong as steel

Scientists at University of Maryland in the United States have developed a new technique that makes wood as strong as steel or even titanium alloys. This ‘Super Wood’ can have potential applications in construction, automobiles, and aviation industries. “This new way to …Continue reading

You Can Now 3-D Print a Toupee

Researchers have figured out how to use a 3-D printer to make plastic hair of varying thicknesses for things like toys and brushes. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have come up with a method for using 3-D printers to fabricate plastic hair—a …Continue reading

New Ink Opens the Door to 3-D-Printed Radar

Printing the electronics in sophisticated radar systems onto sheets of plastic would make the systems both cheaper and more versatile. This would have obvious military benefits but also many potential civilian applications, such as weather-monitoring radar and self-driving vehicles. One major challenge …Continue reading

Could Implantable LEDs Relieve Your Pain?

Chronic pain is often tough to understand, much less treat. But a new flexible, implantable electronic device could illuminate why certain parts of your body hurt. And down the road, the system, which features a wirelessly activated light-emitting diode (LED), might even …Continue reading