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InSight probe touches down near Mars’s equator

InSight probe touches down near Mars’s equator

NASA’s InSight probe has landed successfully on Mars following a perilous seven-minute plunge to the planet’s surface. Signals from the probe indicating that it’s solar panels were open and operational were received on Earth at approximately 5:30 PM PST. NASA’s Mars Odyssey …Continue reading

Mars could be home to aerobic life

Prevalent assumptions that the environment on Mars could not support aerobic organisms were shattered this past Monday when researchers from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California revealed that they had discovered oxygen in the planet’s salt-water reservoirs. In certain specific …Continue reading

Scientists say there may be huge underground lake near Martian South Pole

Liquid water is one of the most important ingredients for life. Scientists have long suspected that there is liquid water near the polar caps on Mars but there has been no evidence to prove it — until now. A paper recently published …Continue reading