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China Is Building a Robot Army of Model Workers

China Is Building a Robot Army of Model Workers

Inside a large, windowless room in an electronics factory in south Shanghai, about 15 workers are eyeing a small robot arm with frustration. Near the end of the production line where optical networking equipment is being packed into boxes for shipping, the …Continue reading

Robot Spiders Weave Products from Plastic in a New Spin on 3-D Printing

If you’re afraid of spiders, then you might find Siemens’s vision for future manufacturing lines a bit alarming. In a lab in Princeton, New Jersey, the company’s researchers are testing spider-like robots that extrude not silk but plastic, thanks to portable 3-D …Continue reading

Can HP Make 3-D Printing into a Mass Manufacturing Technique?

Despite the flexibility of 3-D printing, it still cannot compete with conventional injection molding for making large volumes of high-strength plastic parts. Hewlett-Packard says its new printing technology will change that. Today HP will begin taking orders for systems that print parts …Continue reading

China Wants to Replace Millions of Workers with Robots

The government’s plan will be crucial to a broader effort to reform China’s economy while also meeting the ambitious production goals laid out in its latest economic blueprint, which aims to double per capita income by 2020 from 2016 levels with at …Continue reading