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Entrepreneurs Build Brands not Products

MIT Technology Review Pakistan sits down with acclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist Tariq Farid. Tariq Farid is an acclaimed Pakistani-American entrepreneur who is Founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements International—the pioneer and worldwide leader in high quality, artistically designed fresh fruit arrangements. Started …Continue reading

Tech Industry & Startups

Should we be looking to the Indians as a role model when it comes to tech startups? Let’s begin with hard facts. There are reasons, simple reasons why the Indian tech industry, as of now, is far ahead of the Pakistani tech …Continue reading

Is working in your pyjamas more productive?

Teleworking growing in Pakistan. A Chinese travel website Ctrip presented an interesting study last year checking the balance between working from home and actually coming into the office. A Stanford professor Nick Bloom was the lead author of the study which focused …Continue reading

AlphaGo final: Artificial intelligence 4, human 1

AlphaGo, Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence program, has won the final game against Lee Sedol, the world champion for Go. AlphaGo has won the series 4 to 1. Before the games Lee Sedol, a South Korean, was reported as saying “I’m honored to …Continue reading