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Starting them off early

Starting them off early

Excited chatter fills the air as more than 25 children pour into the room at Olomopolo Media theater. A team of volunteers seats the children in groups around small tables. The first agenda of the day is to create soap bubbles. Soon …Continue reading

Rabeel Warraich

Rabeel Warraich is the founder of Sarmayacar, a multi-million dollar seed fund syndicate dedicated to Pakistani startups. He is currently the interim chief executive officer of Patari and has previously worked in investment banking and private equity with organizations including Morgan Stanley …Continue reading

Old Industry, New Fixes

At first glance, the healthcare sector in Pakistan appears so bureaucratic and inflexible, it may seem immune to disruption by innovators. However, a new generation of technology researchers is trying to change that. Their products range from ventilators to complex simulators. Their …Continue reading

Pakistani Students Bag Silver Medal at International Biology Competition

A team of undergraduate students from Pakistan have won a silver medal at the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition (iGEM) which took place in Boston between November 9 and November 13. The team, known as iGEM Peshawar 2017, was also nominated for …Continue reading

Is the Future of Money Digital?

Imagine a currency which could threaten to render the fiat monetary system redundant and end governments’ monopolies on issuance of money. Such a currency is no longer an abstract, futuristic idea. In fact, this digital currency is now eight-years old and, since …Continue reading

Locally Developed Simulator Promises to Train Surgery Students on MIS Procedures

Prohibitive cost of commercially available simulators has so far prevented their uptake by healthcare providers in the country. The traditional practice of imparting training of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) at medical colleges in Pakistan has been through apprenticeships. Junior doctors are placed …Continue reading

Study Finds 1,317 Knocked-out Genes in DNA Sample From Pakistan

The team discovers a unique family whose 11 members were missing a protein that naturally produces cholesterol; this puts them at a lower risk of heart disease. Research published in the journal Nature has analyzed the DNA of 10,503 Pakistanis who were …Continue reading

A New Material Can Cool Buildings Without Energy Consumption

Intense summer days with the sun beating down on you call for air conditioning at homes and offices but result in high utility bills which can have a devastating impact on your wallet. The use of air conditioners not only increases fuel …Continue reading