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John Schulman

John Schulman

John Schulman, 30 OpenAI John Schulman, a research scientist at OpenAI, has created some of the key algorithms in a branch of machine learning called reinforcement learning. It’s just what it sounds like: you train AI agents in the same way you …Continue reading

Nabiha Saklayen

Nabiha Saklayen, 28 Cellino Biotech Gene editing is invaluable in correcting mutations like the one that causes sickle-cell anemia. But biologists need better ways to get DNA and other ingredients into cells. Typically, the gene-editing recipe is introduced by viruses, which can …Continue reading

Chelsea Finn

Chelsea Finn, 25 Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Lab Chelsea Finn is developing robots that can learn just by observing and exploring their environment. Her algorithms require much less data than is usually needed to train an AI—so little that robots running her software …Continue reading

To Feed the World, Improve Photosynthesis

Inside a balmy greenhouse in central Illinois, a boisterous but focused pair of researchers are seeding experimental plants. The scientists moisten the soil and pack it into pots, then carefully tip tiny dark-brown tobacco seeds out of glass vials.

3-D-Printed Sneakers, Tailored to Your Foot

Throw out your custom insoles. Adidas is selling shoes with soles that will soon include bespoke shock absorbers. Proponents of 3-D printing have long talked about the possibility of using the technology to customize consumer products. One of the most oft-cited possibilities …Continue reading

How to Give Fake Hands Real Feeling

The human hand has 17,000 touch sensors that help us pick things up and connect us to the physical world. A prosthetic hand or foot has no feeling at all. Zhenan Bao hopes to change that by wrapping prosthetics with electronic skin …Continue reading

Hot Commodity

Andrej Karpathy is holding a classroom full of Stanford grad students and undergrads rapt with his description of the pros and cons of different kinds of algorithms used in training a neural network to recognize objects in an image. Suddenly, from the …Continue reading