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Elizabeth Nyeko

Elizabeth Nyeko

Elizabeth Nyeko, 34 Modularity Grid Elizabeth Nyeko thinks she’s found a solution to one of rural Africa’s key development challenges: how to electrify communities in a way that’s affordable—and efficient. As CEO of Modularity Grid, a London-based startup, Nyeko builds technologies that …Continue reading

Julian Schrittwieser

Julian Schrittwieser, 25 DeepMind A few years ago, when Julian Schrittwieser joined the Google-owned artificial-intelligence firm DeepMind, the board game Go was often called the Holy Grail of machine learning. The two-player game, which originated in ancient China, was so unconstrained by …Continue reading

Prineha Narang

Prineha Narang, 28 Harvard University Prineha Narang seeks to build technologies by starting small: with the atom. As an assistant professor of computational materials science at Harvard, Narang studies the optical, thermal, and electronic behavior of materials at the nanoscale. Her research …Continue reading

Will Mclean

Will McLean, 31 Frequency Therapeutics Will McLean believes he’s found a fix for a medical conundrum that many thought could never be solved: hearing loss in humans. McLean’s research focuses on the cochlea, the spiral-shaped cavity within the inner ear that’s responsible …Continue reading

Lake Kivu’s Great Gas Gamble

It’s a Friday afternoon on the Rwandan side of Lake Kivu, and in what was once a quiet cove, a daring venture is taking shape. Floating just offshore, like a giant mechanical swan, is a nearly completed gas extraction platform: 3,000 tons …Continue reading