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First Sighting of Killer Whales in Pakistan

First Sighting of Killer Whales in Pakistan

A pod of three killer whales, also known as Orcinus orca, was spotted feeding on a school of queenfish about 50 km southwest of Churna Island on Monday. A WWF-Pakistan trained fisherman was able to record the movements of the whales on …Continue reading

Dolphins, Technology and the Indus River

Madiha and Mujtaba’s parents were anxious. Both their children were blind and depressed. The couple felt that their children needed motivation so that they did not spend their lives consumed by their disability. The parents found a unique way for the children …Continue reading

Sperm Whales Spotted in Pakistani Waters

A pair of sperm whales were spotted by fishermen on Tuesday near Jiwani, about 22 kilometers south of Gunz, which is part of Gwadar in Balochistan. In a statement, the World Wide Fund (WWF) Pakistan said this is the first time that …Continue reading