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Big Data: A New Way to Govern

Big Data: A New Way to Govern

Good governance is built on merit, transparency, and service orientation. In turn, the guiding principles for ensuring merit and transparency are timely decisions based on facts. Governments around the world are realizing the importance of timely and accurate information for good governance …Continue reading

Hotspot: Punjab

A public-private partnership makes Punjab’s free Wi-Fi hotspots possible. The Punjab government has launched free Wi-Fi hotspots across the province. Behind this ambitious venture is Wifigen, a startup which made the project possible. The company provides free Wi-Fi to customers in exchange …Continue reading

Coming Soon: Free Public Wi-Fi

We’ve all been there. You’re either watching a YouTube video, or chatting to somebody on WhatsApp and suddenly your data package ends. Maybe there’s a network problem. Or you forgot to pay your bill. Whatever the reason, not being connected to the …Continue reading