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Google Can Help Detect Breast Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence

Google Can Help Detect Breast Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has been making leaps and bounds especially in the healthcare domain. Now Google is using AI to review patients biological tissue samples in order to detect breast cancer. The results of this technology have been revealed …Continue reading

Google Launches App Maker for Non-Developers

Google has announced the launching of App Maker, a low-code integrated development environment (IDE), which organizations can use to build instant custom applications for their business needs. Currently, Google is accepting applications for early access to the App Maker from organizations that …Continue reading

Google Glass Finds a Second Act at Work

Google Glass, no longer available to consumers, is gaining fans in the workplace. Back in January, Google announced that it was shuttering the public “beta” program through which it sold Glass, its often-derided face-worn computer, to consumers. At the time, Google said …Continue reading

An App to Capture Virtual Reality Videos with a Smartphone

To let you capture immersive virtual reality clips with only a smartphone, startup Emergent VR is making an app that combines video with spherical photos. A startup has come up with a way to use your smartphone to take photos and video …Continue reading