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Alexandre Rebert

Alexandre Rebert, 28 ForAllSecure When a computer system gets hacked, people typically fix the problem after the fact. Alexandre Rebert created a machine that can fix itself as the attack is happening. Rebert recognized that computers may lack creativity, but they’re good …Continue reading

Joy Buolamwini

Joy Buolamwini, 28 MIT Media Lab and Algorithmic Justice League As a college student, Joy Buolamwini discovered that some facial-analysis systems couldn’t detect her dark-skinned face until she donned a white mask. “I was literally not seen by technology,” she says. That …Continue reading

Minmin Yen

Minmin Yen, 29 PhagePro Cholera affects millions of people annually in the world’s poorest communities. It’s often treated with antibiotics, but they’re not ideal because they harm the bacteria in the gut, and antibiotic resistance is on the rise. Minmin Yen developed …Continue reading

Shinjini Kundu

Medical images are massively important in diagnosing disease, but as they get more detailed it becomes harder and harder for a human being to interpret them. Shinjini Kundu created an artificial-­intelligence system that can analyze them to find patterns undetectable to the …Continue reading