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Sheng Xu

Stretchy electronics that can conform to the body no longer have to compromise between electrical and mechanical performance, thanks to some smart engineering by Sheng Xu. Marrying rigid electronic components with elastic materials is tricky. The mismatch in their mechanical properties generates …Continue reading

Adam Marblestone

Adam Marblestone, 31 Kernel Adam Marblestone wants to make the brain machine-readable. So he worked out the physical limits of what’s possible in recording brain activity and is now using that knowledge to set technology strategy at Kernel, a startup with $100 …Continue reading

Manan Suri

Manan Suri has built key elements of computer chips that mimic the learning ability and energy efficiency of the brain. And he did it by harnessing a quirk of next-generation memory technology. That technology is known as emerging non-volatile memory (eNVM). Because …Continue reading