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The Miracle Drug for Pakistan’s Medicine Cabinet

The Miracle Drug for Pakistan’s Medicine Cabinet

An inexpensive, locally-manufactured drug can reduce the risk of maternal mortality. Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), a fatal bleed after childbirth, has been plaguing maternal health practitioners from time immemorial. It contributes significantly to maternal mortality in Pakistan (178 of 100,000 women die each …Continue reading

Blue Light From Electronic Devices Disrupts Our Night Sleep but There Are Remedies

Less than a decade ago, the use of electronic devices was not as common as it is now. Take the case of cell phones. We no longer use them only for making calls, sending text messages,or setting an alarm. Smartphones serve a …Continue reading

Are We Cooking Our Food the Right Way?

Experts say ingredients in Pakistani food are balanced in nutritional terms but our cooking technique is archaic Excitement at the prospect of good food is what keeps us going through a long, busy day. A typical Pakistani dining table has dishes rich …Continue reading