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SBP takes first steps to counter cybersecurity threats

SBP takes first steps to counter cybersecurity threats

On Wednesday the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued a press release directing all banks to protect their clients against fraud, skimming and other forms of cyber crime. This development came four weeks after a cyber attack on Pakistani banks that resulted …Continue reading

Provisions for IT firms at Special Economic Zones will help boost exports, says Dr. Saif

The Punjab government is committed to help the Information Technology industry increase software exports from $3.5 billion to $30 billion, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) chairman Dr. Umar Saif said at a press talk at the conclusion of the fifth IT Roundtable …Continue reading

Challenges in Prosecution of Electronic Crimes

In November 2016, I participated in a workshop organized at the University of Cardiff on the use of open source communications (OSC) in investigation of cybercrime. Professor Martin Innes, director of the university’s Crime and Security Research Institute, shared his research analysing the …Continue reading

After WannaCry Comes Adylkuzz

As the world scrambles to deal with the WannaCry ransomware attack which has affected over 300,000 computers across a hundred countries, another large scale cyber attack, known as Adylkuzz, is now underway. Experts are suggesting that due to the insidious nature of …Continue reading