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SBP takes first steps to counter cybersecurity threats

SBP takes first steps to counter cybersecurity threats

On Wednesday the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued a press release directing all banks to protect their clients against fraud, skimming and other forms of cyber crime. This development came four weeks after a cyber attack on Pakistani banks that resulted …Continue reading

Big Data: A New Way to Govern

Good governance is built on merit, transparency, and service orientation. In turn, the guiding principles for ensuring merit and transparency are timely decisions based on facts. Governments around the world are realizing the importance of timely and accurate information for good governance …Continue reading

Assessing Forensic Science Landscape in Pakistan

A law enforcement agency recovered a laptop from a terror suspect caught from Lahore in 2015. It hoped to dig out useful information from its hard drive but there was a huge problem. The laptop was a complete wreck. It was burned …Continue reading

The Power of Connectivity

Building smart cities in Pakistan: a way forward. The smart city movement seems to be sweeping Pakistan. There is an ongoing debate about it in both government and private sector circles. The Government of Pakistan believes that to keep pace with a fast-changing and developing …Continue reading