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The Bell Labs of Quantum Computing

Raymond Laflamme can’t yet sell you a quantum computer. But he’ll sell you a $13,000 logic board for measuring entangled photons. Laflamme is head of the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, a research center that’s part of a …Continue reading

The Internet’s Innovation Hub

GitHub has created a social network where programmers get together and get work done without bosses, e-mails, or meetings. San Francisco startup GitHub has all the hallmarks of the next big social network. The company’s base of 3.6 million users is growing …Continue reading

Cities Find Rewards in Cheap Technologies

Cities around the globe, whether rich or poor, are in the midst of a technology experiment. Urban planners are pulling data from inexpensive sensors mounted on traffic lights and park benches, and from mobile apps on citizens’ smartphones, to analyze how their …Continue reading