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Punjab Introduces E-Reforms in Health Sector

Punjab Introduces E-Reforms in Health Sector

In order to improve the performance of its health sector, the Punjab government has started implementing electronic reforms in the system through the use of information technology. The government has hired Monitoring and Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) for this purpose who visit district …Continue reading

Early Intervention

We currently have no therapeutic interventions that can prevent or reverse the intellectual disability or brain pathology found in individuals with Down syndrome, which affects about 400,000 people in the United States alone. However, we may be getting closer. Some researchers are …Continue reading

How to Engineer a Human Baby

Last April, Chinese researchers reported that they had tried genetically editing human embryos for the first time to correct a disease gene. Out of more than 80 embryos, however, only a handful came out correctly. In the rest, the gene didn’t get …Continue reading