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MIT engineers repurpose wasp venom into antibiotic medication

MIT engineers repurpose wasp venom into antibiotic medication

A systematic study of antimicrobial properties of a toxin found in the South American wasp has allowed researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to create variants of a peptide that can kill bacteria but doesn’t harm humans. Insect venoms are …Continue reading

Bacteria becoming resistant to alcohol-based disinfectants, study finds

For a long time, alcohol-based handwashes and sanitizers have been a key way to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria. However, a recent study at the University of Melbourne, Australia has found superbugs that are becoming increasingly resistant to alcohol-based handwashes. The study,  published in …Continue reading

Pakistan Among 5 Countries That Account for 90% of Wastewater Irrigated Farms, Study Finds

Pakistan is among five countries that account for almost 90 percent of farmland across the globe irrigated by sewage water, a study shows. China, India, Iran and Mexico are the other four countries where major portion of clean water from rivers and …Continue reading

The Fridge Laser That Detects Bacteria Crawling All Over Food

Food poisoning is a potentially lethal condition and therefore a serious problem for the food industry. Each year, some 50 million people suffer food poisoning in the U.S. alone, including more than a million cases of potentially lethal salmonella poisoning. So finding …Continue reading