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536 AD was the worst time to be alive, says archeologist

536 AD was the worst time to be alive, says archeologist

A quick glance at a history book will show you that humanity has had its fair share of dark times. According to historian and archeologist Micheal McCormick, however, the year 536 was the worst of them all. “It was the beginning of …Continue reading

Two Pakistani startups among 12 winners of UN’s Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyle Challenge

Mohammed Saquib and Hassam Ud-din, two Pakistani innovators, have won the Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyles Challenge in energy efficiency and low carbon mobility categories, respectively. They will now receive a United Nations (UN) Environment grant worth US $10,000 each to support …Continue reading

Asia-Pacific Region Is Home to Most of the World’s Undernourished People: FAO

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has said that the Asia-Pacific region which is “home to most of the world’s undernourished people” needs to undertake urgent action to tackle malnutrition and promote consumption of healthier foods. According to the UN …Continue reading

2017 One of the Three Hottest Years on Record: World Meteorological Organization

The World Meteorological Organization has listed 2017 among the three hottest years on record. In the WMO’s Statement on the State of the Climate released at the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Germany, scientists have said that 2016 remains the …Continue reading