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Technology: The Missing Link in Pakistan’s Agriculture Sector

Technology: The Missing Link in Pakistan’s Agriculture Sector

The higher cost of production has continuously been haunting the farmer community in Pakistan. This, together with climate change impact, has been resulting in poor produce and negative growth rates at times. This article is an attempt to explore the possibilities of …Continue reading

The State of Seed in Pakistan

Pakistan has its own native cotton, with a rich biodiversity of 5,000 years, however, agriculture seems to be losing its edge due to ill-chosen applications of seed technologies. In Brief Pakistan has been an agrarian economy since prehistoric times. The recent cotton …Continue reading

Agriculture: Through the Ages in Pakistan

Dr. Anjum Ali, the Director General (Extension) Punjab Agriculture Department, sheds light on Pakistan’s agricultural scene through the prism of history, technology and best farm practices. He spoke with Jawad Ali for MIT Technology Review Pakistan. Punjab was considered the food basket …Continue reading

Pakistan at Risk

A close look at climate change and its impact on Pakistan’s agriculture. In Brief Climate change is, in fact, a global phenomenon. The Earth’s temperature is on continuous rise, causing climate extremes, ultimately affecting major agricultural regions and creating food crises. Pakistan …Continue reading