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Students display projects addressing pressing local concerns at Gwadar Science Festival

by TR Pakistan

A hydraulic bridge, a water level indicator and a water distillation plant were some of the science models on display at the Gwadar Science Festival held on Saturday, April 28.

These models had been made by grade 9th and 10th students with two of Gwadar’s pressing concerns in mind: drinking water scarcity and livelihoods associated with fisheries.

The bridge prepared by Govt High School Gwadar Jadeed students addressed a major concern of fishermen and women. Once construction work for the proposed Expressway connecting the Gwadar Port to the main highway starts, the communities that reside in Gwadar fishing hamlets stand to lose access to the sea. If incorporated into the construction plan, hydraulic bridges can address this concern.

Gwadar Port Authority chairman Dostain Jamali said he appreciated the gesture but the technology won’t be needed in the project. He added that when the harbour will be shifted to the west bay the boatmen won’t need to access the sea from the east bay anyway.

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Students of Govt High School Sur Bandar made a water level indicator using a set of transistors, switches and batteries to conserve water at homes. Their model secured second position at the festival.

Another water-specific model was an ATM soda dispenser made by students from Govt Model High School Gwadar. Shahmaer Ahmed said the machine can be used as a water dispenser as well. However, he said he opted for soda instead of water because the former is available everywhere in Gwadar while the latter is scarce

The models of an electric truck and a robotic arm were declared third and first, respectively. Other stalls featured models highlighting the impact of water and air pollution and the need for plantation of trees to preserve the environment.

Abdul Ghani and Muhammad Raza, 9th grade students, said they want to improve the model in the future to let differently-abled people control the arm through their brains.

Stalls were set up by at least two dozen high schools from various towns of Gwadar including Jiwani, Ormara, and Pasni.


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