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Structured Leadership Programmes for Youth of Balochistan Soon

by Sohaib Rizvi

British Council and SEED Ventures enter into partnership.

The British Council and SEED Ventures have entered into partnership to work together for building the capacity of youth in Balochistan and creating a new breed of entrepreneurs and leaders.

The vision behind the new partnership is to inculcate entrepreneurship and developing leadership qualities in the youth of Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

According to experts engaging the people of Balochistan, especially the youth, and introducing them to multiple avenues of career options and growth as well as personal development is essential.

Robin Davies – British Council Director (Sindh & Balochistan) said: “SEED and the British Council are combining our respective strengths and expertise in this sector to offer a really exciting programme and I look forward to seeing both the programme and our partnership grow over the coming months.”

SEED Ventures Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Faraz Khan, a UK based Pakistani social entrepreneur and investor, commented it was the collective efforts of organizations like the British Council and SEED Ventures that would inculcate the seeds of entrepreneurship in members of the society across all geographical boundaries.

He expressed the need to create leaders who follow their own paths changing lives and leaving their mark.

SEED Ventures Director & Co-Founder Khusro Ansari said: “The development of atmosphere conducive to higher education, economic growth and entrepreneurial endeavours leading towards an enhanced economy and livelihood creation is imperative.” He continued saying that the doors of opportunity should be open to all including the marginalized communities and added the programme in Balochistan with the British Council aimed to achieve that through structured programmes in the province.


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