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Punjab Police to get Online Court Cases’ Management System

by Jawad Ali

On the request of Punjab police, the Punjab Information and Technology Board (PITB) has been developing court cases management system for the department for quick overview of the police cases in different courts.

Unlike the existing manual system, the new online system will help police top brass to be completely aware of court hearings and status of various important cases on day-to-day basis for their perusal and required action accordingly.

The demand was raised in the backdrop of strict remarks by judges towards police’s poor performance and contempt of court rulings against the police high-ups due to their absence from the court. The legal wing of the department was mostly unable to timely communicate the officers concerned about the court hearings in different cases.

According to the police department officials, the idea come from the Court Cases Online Monitoring System (Court-CMS) developed by the PITB back in 2012 for different government departments of the province to maintain the court cases record online for the quick overview of their cases in the respective courts.

Currently 38 government departments are using the Court-CMS which provides complete picture of the various nature court cases to the department head in just one click. The departments usually face court cases vis-à-vis appointment, regularization, deputation, absorption, extension, transfers-posting, pay and allowances, seniority disputes, disciplinary action and promotion and upgrades from their employee.

According to the officials, the School Education Department Punjab is using the Court CMS more effectively as compared to the other provincial departments as over 2,300 court cases data has been updated in the system by the department, followed by finance department with 641 cases data.

According to the PITB officials, the court cases management system for the Punjab Police is likely to be handed over to the department within two weeks’ time.

Experts believe that it will reduce burden from the legal wing of the police department and increase the case pursuance by the top police officers. This will also help the IG Police and other top decision makers in the department to quickly identify the performance of the different wings and by fixing the loopholes in the implementation of different policies.

The police officials said currently the high-ups came to know about some court decision against the police officials next day after the media and newspapers highlighted the matter. However, once the police court cases management system will evolve, the high-ups and legal wing of the police department would be timely aware about the status of different courts cases and court decisions.

This will also help in identifying performance of any individual police officer by pointing out the number of cases with/against the individual so that the department can take necessary action.

The system will certainly help improve the governance system in the department, the police officials believe.

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One Comment;

  1. munib said:

    This is good initiative while such system should be introduced for the good governance for public welfare as it seems that proposed system will only helpful for the police department internal efficiency – what will be for public in it which has huge complaints with the Punjab Police – KP police model should be examined to learn about good things and implemented in Punjab and elsewhere.